Jaman Properties Ltd is the sister concern of images group established in 2012. The business product real estate business. The main objective is build for the Bangladesh. The objective of development of land for housing anywhere in Bangladesh to mitigate the housing problem of Bangladeshi dwellers.



Delivering the quality product by getting customer satisfaction & implementing new ideas, technologies and strategies to make branding as an art, Images Ltd. always gives its best effort to show something dynamic in front of its valuable clients which help them to grow their business and realize their marketing goals. Jaman Properties Ltd. is constantly focusing on innovating something.
Message from Managing Director
We, Images Group, hereby believe that our organization must access in the lives of our people meaningfully & for our society. It has been serving as a trusted Event Activition, Interior-Exterior Solution Provider, POP, POSM, Expert-Creative Design, Transport, Furniture, Real Estate, Offset Printing, Packaging & Digital Printing since 2006.
There are thirteen companies have been Operating in Bangladesh as sister concern of Images Group. In the year of 2020, our turnover was about BDT. 657 Crore (Taka) which is to be increased BDT. 781 Crore (Taka) in the year of 2021. Our actual opportunity & strength comes from our perseverance, commitment & service to our most valuable clients. We believe in growing our organization while we try to ensure the best quality & desired service everywhere we have been operating.